A great new review from Australia

A new review for our upcoming album (song by song) by Alex Logan for “Insert Review Here” (Australia). We really love this one, the reviewer did everything he could to understand this project with his own brain. We need more of this in the “metal scene”…
Check it our here.


“Infanticide” : Another new track premiered by CVLT Nation

Another song from our upcoming album was previewed on CVLT Nation today, please listen to it, this song is one of the most emotional we’ve ever written. It talks about dysfunctional families, autism and uses excerpts from the movie “We need to talk about Kevin”, two voices, keyboards, guitars, and a finale that might give you some chills.

This Band Sounds Like NO OTHER! Non Serviam “Infanticide”

Tracks reviewed on NO CLEAN SINGING


I have Cvlt Nation to thank for this first discovery. The introduction to their premiere was brief and didn’t include much detail about the music, but the blaring headline did the job: “Listen To Non Serviam’s Salem – It’s Depraved And Sick! This Band Sounds Like NO OTHER!” I also thought the cover image was fantastic, and so decided to see what was going on with the music. (Read more)

A few notes on this world – For Marius Masion/June 11th

“A few notes on this world” was especially written and performed for the 2020 Mixtape for June 11th, International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners : june11.noblogs.org/2020-mixtape/

A note by Non Serviam for the Mixtape : We have a strong relationship of hate with the prison complex, not only because most of the members of our musical collective have visited its cells on occasions, but also because it is the reason why this world of greed and control that we despise and suffer from keeps on existing. Society needs prisons to instill the fear of breaking the law and all of its rules. Marius Mason was convicted for breaking the rules, like any anarchist with a practical sense of theory and courage, therefore Marius needs all our solidarity. Because this world he’s still fighting against from inside the walls is everywhere, there is no escape from it, and escape could never be enough anyway : this fucking world has to burn and everything else is poetry. Compagnons dedans, dehors, le cœur bat encore…

A few notes on this world

For Marius Mason, june 11th
in solidarity

Everything else is poetry
Nothing could be worse
Nothing could be better

This fucking world has to burn

Burn it down
This world
This fucking world

Everything else is poetry
Nothing could be worse
Nothing could be better

Every prison has to burn
Burn the prison down

Burn this fucking world to the ground
Fuck this world

released June 11, 2020
All music and lyrics written, performed, recorded, mixed and dismastered by Non Serviam.

CVLT Nation : Revealing the cover art and a new track from the new album “Le Coeur Bat”

We’re very happy that CVLT Nation loved our album and wanted to premiere the track Salem. We’re still looking for a label to release lots of stuff. Please share and give us feedback on this new track. Salem is a very raw and brutal song with aspects of black metal, sludge, hardcore and industrial music.

Listen to Non Serviam’s Salem – it’s depraved and Sick! This band sounds like NO OTHER!