New interview with Veil of Sound (in english & french)

Non Serviam are a mindblowing band with a lot of soundscapes being incorporated into their version of electronic hardcore. We were fortunate enough to talk with the anonymous collective from France about a lot different topics, be it politics, anonymity, influences and much more. Enjoy this interview with Non Serviam! (and for all our French-speaking readers we also included the original French interview which the band sent along as well as the English version)

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Non Serviam featured on Subterraneo Webzine (Eng/Esp)

Non Serviam have just released a brand new video for their song “Il pleut partout derrière”. Irene sent some questions to the band, and Pablo wrote a few notes about the new single and the previous one. Read, watch and listen :

[ESP] También disponible en castellano: [ESP]

A new interview (& review)

The question any review attempts to answer, I think, is, “Is the album worth someone’s time to listen?” Any answer given is from the subjective perspective of the writer, of course. In regards to Le Cœur Bat, I give an emphatic “Yes!” The album is long, and strange, a bizarre mix of styles, and lyrically in a language different from mine, but that is all part of its essential dark beauty. Expand your boundaries. Take the time to take this journey. Read on below for an interview with Non Serviam.

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Interview and review in greek ! (and french version)

We are pleased to present here both our first interview and our first review in Greek. We are very proud of this because we have a special musical and political relationship with our comrades and friends in Greece, both in heart and in mind, and we know how our music is appreciated there. Thanks to Αποστόλη Ζαμπάρα and

The review is here.

The interview here.

And here is a french version of our answers.

New interview with Blessed Altar Zine in french and english

Non Serviam is an extreme-anarcho-experimental-electro-industrial-black metal noise group from Paris, France. Needless to say, defining the sound of the band is tricky. From the first moments of listening to the opening track of the band’s forthcoming album “Work”, I thought two things, firstly, this is unlike anything I’ve heard before and second, I’d like to interview the band. Happily, that wish became a reality, so here we are.

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Interview on Growls and Shrieks

We are very happy to share our first online interview with Growls and Shrieks (“Conversations with artists across the spectrum of extreme and extraordinary music”).

Non Serviam are musicians from Paris, France. In their own words, Non Serviam call their work ‘electronihilisme, sludge industriel, anonymat et misanthropie’. They have a busy 2021 ahead with new releases coming out on Code666 and on Trepanation Recordings. I had the chance to chat with two members of the anonymous collective — indicated here as ‘X’ and ‘Y’.

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