Industrial/cyber/grind/extreme music anarchists collective based in Paris, France. This is their new single from “We Are Nothing But Your Krill” mini-album, out on the 5th of August, 2022 via Trepanation Recordings. Guest vocals for this track by Richard Johnson and Jay Randall from Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Non Serviam featured on Subterraneo Webzine (Eng/Esp)

Non Serviam have just released a brand new video for their song “Il pleut partout derrière”. Irene sent some questions to the band, and Pablo wrote a few notes about the new single and the previous one. Read, watch and listen :

[ESP] También disponible en castellano: [ESP]

The Kaijū of Noah’s Ark (Song For Noé)

This song is a birth gift for Noé, a little boy who was eager to discover new sounds and music. We re-explored the biblical myth of Noah’s ark by making it pass through the crucible of our passion for the Kaiju, this monster of Japanese films which destroys cities. Here, Noah’s ark metamorphoses as the piece progresses into a giant monster in the shape of all living things, ravaging the world and drinking the flood. With the complicity of two older children who made a unique packaging for this single, we offered it to Noah hoping to contribute to develop the curiosity that already animates him and to give him the taste of experimentation. We decided to share this “instrumental” piece with you. Thanks to Noé for his voice recordings. Continue reading “The Kaijū of Noah’s Ark (Song For Noé)”

Witness the new NON SERVIAM Visuals that will expand your Reality!

If you are an avid reader of CVLT Nation then you know that we are HUGE fans of NON SERVIAM! One of the main reasons we have so much respect for this band is because they create without a rule book and their art is beyond inspiring! It’s now time for y’all to check out two of their new mind-melting visuals from Cacophobia & Soleil de Tempête.

Witness the new NON SERVIAM Visuals that will expand your Reality!